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My labor doula services are tailored to the needs and desires of the families with whom I work.  My priority is to successfully support the birthing mother and partner in achieving their desired experience.  Together we explore options and desires for childbirth, prepare birth preferences using informed choices, and develop strategies to help make these choices a success.

I'm thrilled to be offering doula services with my partner, Erica Lundgren (  Erica and I have over 20 years of experience and hundreds of births between us.  Contact us for a complimentary interview to determine if we are a good fit!

My Labor Doula Services Include:


•Two prenatal visits.

•Continuous phone / email support throughout your pregnancy and into the first weeks after delivery.

•On call 24 hours a day starting two weeks before your due date.

•Continuous emotional and physical support from the time you are in labor into the initial weeks after your baby is born.

•Breastfeeding support / assistance post delivery.

•One postpartum visit that includes infant care techniques, emotional and physical wellness and continued breastfeeding support.


Please contact me for current pricing


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