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About my Current Classes

I am passionate about educating and inspiring families!  As an International Certified Childbirth Educator through ICEA,I have taught pregnancy and parenting classes in both the hospital and birth center setting for over 10 years.


Attachment Pregnancy

At no other time during life can humans be more attached then when a woman carries a child in utero. Attachment pregnancy is about understanding your emotional connection with your baby and creating a healthy pregnancy environment so that your baby can thrive.  Attachment pregnancy is also built on the knowledge that a healthy pregnancy involves more than creating a physically healthy environment for your baby. It is also about practicing conscious attachment, mindfulness and directly cultivating the crucial stepping stones needed for your baby’s emotional and physical development, both in the womb and throughout his/her entire life.

To help you create an attachment pregnancy, in this class you will learn strategies such as:

  1. Conscious attachment

  2. Mindful Nutrition

  3. Positive mental attitude (PMA)

  4. Intentional stress reduction

  5. Building your sacred circle

  6. Nourishing your “womanplace”: Creating a sacred space where you take time to honor yourself and your baby, as well as affirm and and nourish your strength as a woman. 


  *This unique class is designed to nurture the mother/baby bond and is an excellent class to help set the stage for a wonderful and healthy pregnancy.

  *This is a two-hour class and is best taken between 12-30 weeks of pregnancy.  Class Pricing $50 

Comfort Essentials

This class is designed to help pregnant women and their labor partners explore and practice techniques designed to increase comfort and relaxation during labor. Discover, with hands-on practice, specific techniques and crucial labor positioning. Other modalities for comfort will also be explored, including aromatherapy, acupressure, massage, visualization and hydrotherapy.

  *This class is appropriate for parents seeking low-intervention childbirth. It is an excellent add-on to a traditional childbirth series.
  *This class is a three-hour class and is best taken between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy.
  Class Pricing $65

Location * How to Register

Location: Kabel Chiropractic

2209 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129    


To Register: Go to Class Dates page.


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